Daniel Joseph (DJ) Decker-Keene Jr., 26, of Findlay, passed away Tuesday, December 12, 2017. He was born on September 14, 1991 in Bluffton to Beth A. Decker and the late Daniel J. Keene.

DJ was a lover of life. He was quick-witted and had a ready infectious laughter. DJ was a charmer that stole your heart with his devilish humor and beautiful smile. He was known for being there for his friends and family, he would give the shirt off his back for anyone in need. He touched hearts that were in need. DJ loved his girls, Evany and Isabella, he was excited to meet his future child. Although DJ cannot be here to tell us to “remember, if you need me, call me. I love you fam.” He would want us to lean on each other and love like never before. He’s everywhere; in the faces of his family, in the memories of his friends, and he’s going to always be Brianna and Michael’s keeper. DJ loved art and drawing for others, fishing with his loves, Evany and Brooke. He enjoyed living to the fullest no matter his circumstances because we only have one. DJ was more than a son, brother, father, and cousin. He was a brother. Whether your passion was collecting Pokémon or collecting Hot Wheels, whatever it was, he always encouraged you. He taught us many things, all the way down to strawberry syrup on bread is not good. If he broke your nose, he carried you all the way back home. It takes a special someone to own up to their mistakes. He knew what was right and what was wrong, he just got a little lost trying to provide for others.

“Embrace every breath as if it’s your last and expect the unexpected.”

Daniel is survived by his mother, Beth; two daughters, Evany Rose and Isabella Jace Decker; brothers, David M. J. Decker-Moore and Mickey Charlton; sisters, Brianna D. Decker-Davis, Lexi Keene, Ashley Keene, and Brittany Bennett-Dawson; and his grandfather, David Decker. He is also survived by his fiancé, Brooke Hardin; aunts, Jennifer McCowen, Angela Decker, Chriss McKitrick, Dale Ann McKitrick, Andrea Venemen, and Brandy Decker; and uncle, Michael Decker; cousins, Brittany Fitzpatrick, Heather Thomas, Andrea Isenbarger, Joshua Hill, Shay Hampton, Erin Hampton, Jared and Caden Isenbarger, Gavin Isenbarger, and Kelsi Lamb. Daniel was preceded in death by his grandmothers, Bethany McKitrick and Sharon Keene-Smith; great-grandmother, Jerry Siverling; and great-grandfathers, James Siverling and David Decker.

Friends and family may visit on Monday, December 18, 2017 from 11:00 – 1:00 p.m. at HUFFORD FAMILY FUNERAL HOME, 1500 Manor Hill Rd, Findlay (419-422-1500). A funeral service will follow at 1 p.m. with Pastor Jim Klausing officiating. Interment will take place on March 17, 2018 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Memorial contributions in Daniel’s name may be made to the family in care of the funeral home.

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6 thoughts on “Daniel J. (DJ) Decker-Keene Jr.

  1. He really did have the most beautiful soul. Not just my big brother but also my bestfriend. We weren’t always together but when we was it was laughter & smiles. He kept me straight & kept my head up, when he was around I couldn’t be sad, I always felt safe with him. I love you to the moon & back bubba. Forever in my heart. “I’m my sister protector, & I’m her keeper”

  2. This soul was more than a best friend to me. We shared so many memories together. He was my ride or die. We drifted apart from time to time because of our own lives but we were always in each other’s hearts. We would still check up on each other like every other day. This guy would drop everything for someone who needs help the most. If he had his last dollar he would give it to the person who needs it more. He was such a caring and loving father, son , friend , and boyfriend. There was no one else like him. Such a unique kind soul. Love you Daniel Joseph decker.

  3. I didn’t know Daniel but I do have a memory of him. We had a class together in high school, we didn’t talk much. One day he asked if I had a camera and went on to explain that someone he knew had stolen it from me. He then returned it. I may not have known him but with that small act of kindness I had a pretty good idea of the type of person he was. Sending love to all those who lost a kind soul.

  4. Baby, my love, my life, my everything. You changed my life. You showed me true love. All of the best times if my life, we’re all spent with you. My life truly began on September 10th 2015 when you asked me to be yours. We went to what became our spot, Divine Wine. You were dressed so nice and looked so handsome, and I loved dressing up and getting pretty for you. We had a great time, as always, then you took me to the Marathon parking garage roof top and asked me to be yours. You’re the most amazing, damn near perfect guy and I am so lucky and blessed to have been able to call you mine. You have the most beautiful soul, you made me the happiest girl in the world. I grew so attached to you and fell so hard in love with you, that I realized I couldn’t live without you. I didn’t want to go through life without you by my side, my ride or die. “Like Bonnie and Clyde”. You’re literally Mr. Wonderful. Youre such a good Daddy, Bella’s adores you! Watch over our baby girl. Keep her safe. I’m so thankful that my babies are with you. They’re a part of you, and I see you in Bella and her beautiful smile. I don’t know how to deal with this, ill never move on. I am yours, my heart only belongs to you. I know you, so I know that even death won’t keep us apart. No matter what, you will be here with me and our kids so we don’t have to go through life alone without you. We’ve always got through everything sweetheart, and we can’t stop now. I’m trying to hard to be strong, and what keeps me going, is our baby Bella and the baby on the way. Please wait for me. I never got to call you my husband, and that’s all I wanted. Hopefully you will still want to marry me when I get up there, I’ll bring that bread tie. Until then, I’ll still celebrate every September 10th as another year together. Because you’re my person. My life and my world. Its different. We’re special. We love each other unconditionally. All I want is you. “Forever and Always”. ‘Til I see you again baby! I know we will be taken care of, because we have you for our angel. I love you so much!!

  5. Man I loved his humor we were at a meeting and he started dancing on me and he thought I touched him and I told him our butts tucked and he said that I now had booty cooties that was the last memory of him and I’m glad that it’s a funny one

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