Uncertainty, confusion, and anxiety are all natural feelings when a loved one dies. Whether the death has been long expected or is the result of a sudden tragedy, there are some common steps that should be taken to provide safety and security for your deceased loved one and for you and other surviving family members.


What should I know regarding the occurrence of a death?

Deaths usually occur in one of three settings: a hospital, nursing home, or at a home. When death occurs in a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff will determine that a death has occurred and report it accordingly. At such a time, the family will be asked to provide the name of the funeral director of their choice for the medical staff to contact. When a death occurs at home in the absence hospice nursing care, you may directly contact the funeral director or, like most, call your local law enforcement. When law enforcement arrives, you will be asked to provide your chosen funeral home. Hufford Family Funeral Home professionals are ready for the call and will arrive within approximately 30 minutes.

When a death occurs at home, many times hospice will be involved and their nurse summonsed to remain with the deceased until a funeral director arrives to transfer the person who has died into the director’s care. Be comfortable knowing one of our professional staff members will transport your loved one to Hufford Family Funeral Home in Findlay, where you will meet to plan the funeral arrangements at your predetermined date and time.

What if death occurs away from home?

Do not hesitate to contact Hufford Funeral Home at (419) 422-1500. A Hufford Funeral Director will coordinate arrangements with out-of-town out-of-state funeral service providers and tend to details necessary in the care and safe return of your loved one. A caring, professional funeral director is available with just one telephone call at a moments notice, and will take whatever time is necessary to fully and completely answer your every question.

What to know when contacting my funeral director?

First know the services of an Hufford Funeral Director are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including holidays. You can expect a Hufford Funeral Director to ask a number of questions, including the whereabouts of the person who has passed away and some vital statistical information that will be used to verify the identity of the deceased throughout the duration of the funeral home’s care.

The funeral director will coordinate a time that is convenient for you and your family to gather to complete the arrangement process, either at a residence or the funeral home, depending upon your preference. At this time the funeral director will offer assistance in making important notifications, including the contact of a clergy member or minister that can be of aid and comfort to your family during this difficult time.

What should I expect from my funeral director?

Expect our staff to offer patience and share knowledge with your family when explaining service options and prices. Our compassionate and sincere staff will work side by side with you to create a meaningful tribute for your loved one.

What items should I bring to the arrangement conference?

Consider bringing a photograph of the deceased for both preparation and cosmetology purposes. This photograph or another one, can be used in an obituary and electronic memorials. Regardless of your desire to have the deceased buried or cremated, the Hufford staff request that you bring full clothing, including undergarments, for the deceased to wear. Typically, the funeral home will transfer dentures and eyeglasses (if available) from the place of death. If other eyeglasses are to be used, please consider bringing your preferred pair to the arrangement conference.

Bring along military discharge forms (known as DD-214 a report of separation). Your funeral director will help you in locating this information if it is not readily available.

Come prepared with information regarding important dates such as dates of birth and marriage for the person who has died. Your director will ask you to provide complete names of family members, including full names of the decedent’s mother and father, as this information is required on a death certificate in the State of Ohio.

What will happen during a Hufford funeral arrangement conference?

A Hufford Funeral Director will accommodate your immediate needs. While we normally complete an arrangement conference in about two hours, the amount of time we spend together is highly dependent upon your needs. We usually accomplish the following while together:

• Determine the date, location, and type of services to be held.
• You will choose either products for burial, such as a casket and a vault, or you will choose a cremation container, an urn to hold the cremated remains following cremation. Stationery, flowers, and even food service if desired, is also available for all families we serve.
• We will ask you a series of questions to gather, compose, and confirm obituary and vital statistical information.
• Families can expect to receive an estimate of funeral goods and services based upon their preference and need. Families can also expect to receive a written list of choices related to payment of the funeral statement.
• For families choosing cremation, additional cremation authorization forms will be completed and signed prior to the completion of the arrangement conference.
• Your questions are fully answered, and the funeral director and staff will provide you with around the clock care as necessary to complete each detail that you ask us to manage.

If a death has occurred and you need additional information:

If you are unsure of how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at (419) 422-1500. A member of our professional staff will completely answer your questions regarding our care for your loved one and your family without cost or obligation.